Senseware Image


Wares that trigger human sensitivity and open the doors to new senses. We call this “senseware”. It is our desire to introduce a novel way to feel the presence of wind, water and light, through craft products. Our senseware which we had accomplished takes the form of a cool looking art piece that will breathe new life into our daily living which goes with the flow of nature’s constant change.


Hydrangea - Water Vessel

A water vessel made from handblown glass. This is a representation of the concept of “senseware” by “KORAI”. It is named after the Greek word which means water vessel. This senseware allows us to feel the wind and the light in our daily living similar to the water bowl which is often placed in a Japanese garden. By filling the vessel with water and setting it by the window, it reflects wavering water ripples on the surface it sits on and creates a pleasant time in tune with the change of nature.


Soda-lime Glass


φ180 × H80 mm

Made in Toyama Prefecture

Designed by

Shizuka Tatusno

Creative Director & Designer, Shizuka Tatsuno Studio Inc.
After studying design in London, Shizuka gained experience in the field and established her design office. With a focus on designing furniture, interior and fashion accessories, she provides various services in planning, direction and graphic designs among other areas.