Kyoto Prefecture

“Ren” is a wooden mobile which is a senseware of KORAI. It is made by using a traditional technique of assembling wooden strips without the use of nails to form various designs and patterns. “Ren” is an art piece that reflects the ripple on the surface of the water and light filtering through the trees by incorporating elements of Japanese original fittings such as shoji (room divider screen made of translucent paper and wooden lattice frames) and fusuma (sliding panels that redefine spaces within a room). By placing the wooden art piece indoors, people can sense the beautiful light that filters through between the carefully assembled wooden bars, and enjoy the beautiful shade of nature in the house.

Designed by Shizuka Tatsuno
Made by Kuroda Kobo

Material: Japanese cypress (body) / Stainless Steel (wire)
Size : W345 x D68 x H380mm

Kuroda Kobo

Since its founding in 1961, Kuroda Kobo has been making and repairing “fusuma” (Japanese sliding door) and “byobu” (folding screen). It is necessary to have full technical knowledge of the long history of the cultural properties and solid skills and know-how to be able to restore them. At present, while using the inherited traditional woodworking techniques in their work, they are also developing three-dimensional wooden products by incorporating techniques such as “kyosashimono” (Kyoto cabinetwork) and “magemono” (wood bending).