– KORAI is a Japanese craft brand based on the concept of “coolness.” The brand cherishes the harmonious relationship between “nature” and “home” that underpins Japanese culture. We aim to deliver life enriched with craft, through beautiful works from across Japan. –

“Hydrangea – Water Vessel” was created as “Senseware” to symbolize the KORAI brand concept. “Senseware” are tools that engage people’s senses and open the door to new sensations. Perhaps one could also describe them as tools which, like a sundial, allow us to sense the wind and light.

It was one of my childhood memories that helped me outline the contours of the “water vessel” design. It was a sight to behold; on sunny days, my mother would put a large glass bowl of water next to the windowsill, and would admire and enjoy the reflections it threw. The image of the water appearing on the white ceiling was beautiful, and I remember watching the shifting movement of the water in fascination, as if I were in a daze.

After I started working and spending restless days in Tokyo, I suddenly realized that I had completely forgotten how beautiful water could be. That’s what inspired me to design this “water vessel.” When you’re busy, don’t you find that your mind is so occupied that it’s difficult to pay attention to nature around you? And then, when we’re in “on-mode” all the time, we forget all about it. However, when we can encounter the sound of flowing river water, or the feeling that flowers on the roadside are beautiful, even for just a moment, I feel that we can be released a little from that busyness of our daily lives, and our hearts and minds can be enriched.

KORAI is a brand initially developed by four founding members through conversations and experiments around different ideas, including Zen and the philosophy of the Tea Ceremony. At its root lies the desire for people who touch KORAI to have richer and more heartfelt lives, even if just a little. We hope that people who encounter our “Hydrangea – Water Vessel” will remember the beauty of nature that exists in their daily lives.

Text: Shizuka Tatsuno
Photo: Masaki Ogawa